Apricot Sorbet

Details : Ht 31" TET. Ev. Med. Re. Bl 6"

Apricot pink with citron throat extending out to a creamy gold centre. Ruffled yellow bubbly edging. 3 way branching 18+ buds. Another image taken at a different time of the season in "A's"

Breeder - S Green (unreg)

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Aussie Big Ranga - New

Details : Ht 28" TET Med Ev Bl 8.5"

Large blooms of orange with a red blushed centre. Sepals are curved. Unusual Form.

Breeder - S Green (unreg)

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Mango Valentine

Details : Ht 38" Tet. Med. Re. Bl 6"

Lovely deep orange with a dark deep red eye. Lovely ruffled form.

Breeder - S Green (unreg)

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Orange Tan

Details : Ht 38" E-M Re. Bl 8.5"

Pale tan orange with white midribs and a slight reddish eye. Unusual form blooms on very tall scapes. Rapid increaser. Cheap price for multiple fans. Discounted price for multiple fans - email me.

Breeder - UK

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Quenda's Bronze Orange

Details : Ht 24" TET. Med Ev. Re. Bl 5.5"

Bronze orange with darker eye and gold throat. (my notes - @ Lagoon)

Breeder - S Green (unreg)

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