Ash Rosie

Details : Ht 26" DIP. Ev. E-M. Re. Bl 5"

Pretty blend of pink and purple with a large ashes of roses watermark. Blooms practically all summer long!

Breeder - Nunan (Aust)

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Barbarian Princess

Details : Ht 28" S.Ev. Tet. Mid. Re. Bl 6

Lavender mauve with a bold dark plum eye and edge. Green throat. Lovely. Limited stock - 1 per customer

Breeder - Salter 2000

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Beauty Of The King

Details : Ht 24" TET. Ev. M Re Bl 5.5"

Royal lavender purple with a lighter lavender edge and eye. popular. Limited stock.

Breeder - Carpenter 2005

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Bella Sera

Details : Ht 30" TET Ev. EM Re. Bl 6"

Mauve-purple with a ruffled, silver-lavender edge and a green throat.

Breeder - Stamile 2002

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Celestial Shore

Details : Ht 30" TET. Mid. EEv. Re. Bl 5.5"

Rose violet with a blue lavender eye and double edges of blue lavender and edges trimmed in white. Limited stock - 1 per customer.

Breeder - Stamile 2007

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Cosmic Thunder

Details : 24" SEv. Tet. M Re. Bl 6"

A dark purple with a pale pink watermark above a green throat. Rounded with a silvery edge. Limited supplies - 1 per customer.

Breeder - Salter '96

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Court Magician

Details : 30" Ev. Tet. E-M. Re. Bloom 5"

Rich lavender-purple with a large chalky lavender eye. Outstanding and vigorous. Limited stock

Breeder - Munson

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Double Grapette

Details : Ht 24" Dip Ev. Early Re. Bl 4.5"

Dark purple double with green throat.

Breeder - Brown 1976

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Emperor's Dragon

Details : 26" Tet. Ev. M. Re. Bl. 5"

A silvery mauve with a raisin-plum eye and a chartreuse-yellow throat. Colourful.

Breeder - Munson

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Forbidden Fantasy

Details : 29" SEv. Tet. M. Re. Bl. 6"

A beautiful dark clear purple with a silver-white bubbly edge. Limited stock, 1 per customer.

Breeder - Salter

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Fortune's Dearest

Details : 25" Ev. Tet. E - M. Hyb. Bloom 6"

A grape-purple with white sharks tooth edge, lighter grape-purple watermark and a chartreuse halo. Limited stock.

Breeder - Morss

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Jean Taylor

Details : 26" DIP. Ev. E-M. Re. Bl. 5.

Striking blooms of plum-purple with white midribs. Large loose lightl ruffles. Vigorous and with proliferations. A very fast increaser - A popular purple.

Breeder - Holton (Aust)

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Lavender Blue Baby

Details : Ht 28" DIP. Dorm. M Re. Bl 5"

Rich lavender with a large lavender blue eye. Full round and ruffled - pretty. Another image of L.B.B in "Eyed & Fancy". Take note on receiving this plant it is a small cultivar (miniature). You will get the biggest size plant from this batch but it wil

Breeder - Carpenter '99

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Leanne Bilsborough

Details : 24" Ev. Tet. E-M. Re. Bl. 6.5"

Large clear blue purple self. Very flat, heavy substance with a dark green throat. Unique. A favourite. Limited stock - 1 per customer.

Breeder - G. Pierce (Aust)

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Lois Hall

Details : Ht 28" DIP. Ev. E-M. Bl 5

Violet purple with white midribs, green throat. Rounded ruffled piecrust edgeing. A colour gem. Vigorous and Robust.

Breeder - Tarrant

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Maleny Triplet

Details : Ht 22" DIP. Ev E Re. Bl 4"

Consistently full double blooms of violet purple with a darker eye & a tiny green throat.

Breeder - S Alexander (Aust)

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Meadow Sprite

Details : 13" Ev. Dip. M. Re. Bl 3.25"

Small lilac pink blooms of exquisite colour. Many blooms. A nice display at peak blooming.

Breeder - Hudson

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Mort Morss

Details : Ht 27" TET. SEv. M Re. Bl 6"

Intense purple with a white shark's tooth edge on petals and sepals. Limited stock - 1 per customer.

Breeder - Salter 2002

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Details : Ht 38" TET. Ev. M Re. Bl 7"

UFO Crispate. Burgundy purple spider variant with creamy violet plum purple eyezone above lime chartreuse throat.

Breeder - Munson 1994

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Mort's Magic

Details : Ht 26" TET. SEv. E-M. Re. Bl 5.

A medium mauve bloom with a striking purple eye and picotee edge. Lovely ruffled petals. Limited stock - 1 per customer.

Breeder - Morss

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Night Rhythms

Details : Ht 28" TET. Ev. E-E Re. Bl 6.5"

Clear royal purple blend with a deeper shadowed eye and edge. Limited stock - 1 per customer.

Breeder - Stamile 2002

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Nile Plum

Details : 20" Ev. Tet. E-M. Re. Bloom 5"

A large creamy eye extends way out into this silvery mauve with a plum violet eye.

Breeder - Munson

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Nordic Night

Details : 24" SEv. Tet. E-M Re. Bl 5"

A rich royal purple with a chalky red-purple eye above a striking green throat. Form is full. Lovely.

Breeder - Salter

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Peacock Maiden

Details : Ht 31" Dip. Ev. M. Unusual Form Bl. 9.5"

An U.F. attractive dark purple burgundy bloom on tall scapes. Blooms have a creamy white eyezone and midribs, large green throat. Showy.

Breeder - Carpenter

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Premier Surprise

Details : Ht 32" TET. M. SEV Re. Bl 5.5"

A deep purple color with a lime throat and a small white and gold petal edge. This flower is narrow and a bit spidery looking. Limited Stock.

Breeder - Salter 2001

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Prince of Midnight

Details : 26" SEv. Tet. M. Bloom 6"

A dark royal purple bloom with a large cream-yellow green centre extending out onto the petals. Petals sometimes can slightly twist - U.F (unusual form).

Breeder - Salter

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Russian Rhapsody

Details : 30" SEv. Tet. M - L. Bloom 6"

Violet-purple with a dark purple eye and yellow throat. Vigourous.

Breeder - Munson

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Solomon's Robes

Details : 30" Ev. Dip. M. Re. Bloom 6"

Large ruffled royal purple blooms with a small green throat. Limited stock.

Breeder - Talbott

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Waiting In The Wings

Details : 32" Ev. Tet E Re. Bl 9"

True purple with a hint of rose. Big yellow green eye. Limited stock - 1 per customer.

Breeder - Stamile '02

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Yabba Dabba Doo

Details : 30" SEv. Dip. M-L Re. Bl 10'

A medium purple with a large chartreuse throat.

Breeder - Hansen Ra '93

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