Ageless Beauty

Details : 28" Tet Ev. E. Re. Bl 5"

Creamy pale pink with a bold red eye and ruffled red border. Limited stock - 1 per customer

Breeder - Stamile ' 03

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All Sweet and Candy - New Exclusive to RAinbow Day

Details : Ht 22" Dip. Mid, Re. Bl 4"

Lovely ruffled cream blooms with yellow undertones and a raspberry-purple eye. Lovely loose ruffled edges. Emerald citron throat. Gorgeous clumped, with many blooms out at once.

Breeder - S Green (unreg)

$15.00 | Qty:
All Sweet And Dandy - New! Exclusive to R.B.D & I.

Details : Ht 22" DIP Ev. Mid. Re. Bl 4.5"

Not a mini but a small standard. Great form of gorgeously loose ruffles. Cream with a bleeding violet eye. Citron throat. Makes a stunning clump, many blooms out at once. Prolific. A favourite.

Breeder - Shelli Green 2012

$20.00 | Qty:
Allison Jane

Details : Ht 20" Tet. Ev. E-M Re. Bl 5"

Pale yellow with a cranberry red eye and wide ruffled matching cranberry red edge. Green throat. Lovely. Poliferations.

Breeder - Holton (Aust) 2005

$25.00 | Qty:
Always Afternoon

Details : Ht 26" TET. Ev. M. Re. Bl 5"

Buff edged medium mauve with a purple eye and green throat. Round and overlapped. Stout Silver Medal 1997. Another image of Always Afternoon in "A" of Daylilies.

Breeder - Morss

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Andy Candy

Details : Ht 27" TET. Dorm E Re. Bl 3.75"

Golden orange with red eye and edge. Green throat. Wide, round and consistently beautifully formed. A strong rebloomer - many blooms.

Breeder - Stamile 2003

$25.00 | Qty:
Answering Angels

Details : Ht 24" TET. Ev. E-M Re. Bl 5.5"

Alabaster cream with a huge plum/violet eye almost covering the flower. Large citron green throat. 5-way branching. Flat blooms like a pansy of heavy substance and great quality.

Breeder - Stamile 2007

$20.00 | Qty:
Aussie Braids

Details : 25" Ev. Tet. E-M. Re. Bl. 5.5"

A pale peach bloom with a large purple eye. Petals have a wide purple edging with a gold fringing. Yellow-green throat. Limited stock - 1 per customer,

Breeder - Flanders '02 (Aust)

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Awesome Candy

Details : 25" Tet. Ev. Re. Bl. 3.5" - 4"

Not a miniature but a small flowering daylily. Pretty blooms of a primrose clean yellow with a dark red eye and edge. Rounded form with crimped edging. Vigorous and hardy.

Breeder - Stamile

$20.00 | Qty:
Bally Hoo

Details : Ht 28" DIP. SEv. M. Re. Bl 5

Creamy orange bloom with a large mahogany eye. Creped and ruffled. Vigorous and a real show-off in the garden.

Breeder - Joiner

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Blueberry Sundae

Details : Ht 24" TET. SEv. E-M Re. Bl 5."

A nice clean cream white with a blue purple eye and edges. Green throat. Distinctive. Limited supplies

Breeder - Stamile

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Bold And Banded - Exclusive to R D & Irises

Details : Ht 26" Ev. TET. M. Re. Bl 5.5" Fragrant

Rose pink with a dramatic maroon eye and thick matching edge with a cream bubbly hooked outer edge. Texture has some crepeing, rounded blooms of great substance. Vigourous and showy.

Breeder - S Green '09

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Braided Edgings

Details : Ht 24" TET. S.Ev E-M Re. Bl- 5.2"

Cream peach with rose eye, yellow-green throat and heavily "braided" rose edge, which completely surrounds the petals. It's a great performer with well-branched scapes and 35 buds. Limited stock - 1 per customer.

Breeder - Carpenter 2004

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Bull Durham - miniature plant

Details : 18" SEv Dip. E-M-L Re. Bl 7"

Foliage of this plant grows miniature for me, but blooms are big. A bold orange with a large magenta purple eye. Creped and textured with ruffled edges. Small growing cultivar good for borders. limited stock - 1 per customer

Breeder - Elliot '83

$12.00 | Qty:
Calling All Angels

Details : Ht 21" TET. Ev. E-MRe. Bl 4

Dramatic huge cranberry red eye and edge on a peach bloom. The eye and edge can almost dominate the bloom completely.

Breeder - D. Trimmer 2002

$20.00 | Qty:
Canary Berry - Exclusive to R.B.D & Irises.

Details : Ht 24" TET. EV. E.E Re. Bl 5.75"

Stunning blooms of a clean canary yellow with a vibrant dark berry eye and matching ruffled edge. Rounded blooms. A real standout in the garden!. Just blooms, blooms and blooms . Vigourous & Hardy.

Breeder - S Green 2009

$25.00 | Qty:
Chaotic Symmetry

Details : Ht 25" TET SEv. M Re. Bl 4"

Not a miniature but a small flowering daylily. Ruffled pink blooms with a deep rose triangular eye pattern. Green throat. Very pretty blooms. A favourite. Limited Stock.

Breeder - Salter 2004

$30.00 | Qty:
Cindy's Eye

Details : 30" SEv. Tet. E-M. Re. Hyb. Bloom 6

Cream/ivory bloom with a large dramatic lavender purple eye and matching slight picotee edge. Large lime green throat. Prolific, A standout an old favourite. Limited stock - 1 per customer.

Breeder - Salter

$20.00 | Qty:
Claire Guinness - Exclusive to R.B.D & Irises.

Details : Ht 32" TET. EV. E-M Re Bl 7.5" Unusual Form

Large cream blooms with a large chevron eye of burgundy, raspberry blue & grey. Large lime green throat. Recurved petals, curled back sepals. In memory of a dear friend. Spectacular.

Breeder - S Green '09

$25.00 | Qty:
Courtney Rose - Exclusive to R.B.D & Irises.

Details : Ht 30" Ev. TET. E-M Re. Bl 5" Fragrant

A clean deep rose pink with a dark raspberry eye & matching large ruffled edges. Deep lime-emerald green throat. Rounded blooms, great substance. Named for my beautiful daughter. The best dark pink I have ever seen! A favourite.

Breeder - S Green 2009

$30.00 | Qty:
Delta Blues

Details : 30" Ev. Tet. E-M Re. Bl. 4.25"

A beautiful rounded, ruffled bloom of cream with multiple layers of shades of blue rings in the eye. Deep green throat. Limited stock - 1 per customer.

Breeder - Stamile '02

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Elizabeth Hay

Details : 26" Ev. Tet. E - M Re. Bl 5"

A cream mustard yellow with a dark burgundy eye and 1/4" burgundy edge. Limited stock - 1 per customer.

Breeder - Holton (Aust)

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Fancy Face

Details : Ht 22" DIP. Ev. E-M Re. Bl 5

Golden cream with a bold mahogany eye on the petals and sepals.

Breeder - Carpenter 1994

$20.00 | Qty:
Fashion Police

Details : Ht 38" TET. Ev. M Re. Bl 6.1/4"

Pale yellow flowers with a large mahogany red eye and 1/2 to 1" matching edge. Yellow green throat.

Breeder - Trimmer 2005

$20.00 | Qty:
Hannah Lillian

Details : 25" Ev. Tet. E-M Re. Bl 5"

Soft creamy lemon, rose lavender eye and 1/2" lavender edge with a extravagant 1/4" gold edge.

Breeder - Holton Aust '04

$20.00 | Qty:
Hillbilly Heart

Details : 26" SEv. Tet. E-M Re. Bl 6"

Ruffled blooms of cream-yellow with red eye and edge. Vigourous and hardy. Limited stock - 1 per customer.

Breeder - Salter '01

$20.00 | Qty:
Julia Ponte - Exclusive to R.B.D & Irises.

Details : Ht 22" Ev TET. E-M Re. Bl 5.5"

This cultivar is a sibling to "Courtney Rose", but this is a pale clear rose pink with a raspberry eye & emerald - citron green throat. Neat, tidy blooms of great substance. Large ruffles.

Breeder - S Green 2009

$30.00 | Qty:
Julie Banks

Details : 25" Ev. Tet. E-M Re. Bl 5"

A lovely ivory cream bloom with a large red eye and a 1/2" ruffled red edge with a fine gold picotee. Green throat.

Breeder - Holton Aust '04

   Out of Stock

Details : Ht 25" TET. Ev. E Re. Bl 5"

Cream with violet black eye and a green throat. Ruffled.

Breeder - Stamile 2004

$25.00 | Qty:
Kimberly Doll

Details : 26" Ev. Tet. M Re. Bl 4.25"

Creamy tan with a rich dark wine eye and edge.

Breeder - Flanders '03

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Lady Bright Eyes

Details : 24" Ev. Dip. M. Re. Bloom 6"

Large clear yellow blooms with a large bright red eye and a green throat. Prolific. Hardy and vigorous. Gorgeous blooms. A great multiplier and hardy grower. Limited stock 1 per customer.

Breeder - Williamson

$20.00 | Qty:
Lady Neva

Details : Ht 42" Dip. SEv. E-M. Bl 9"

A spider variety. A soft buff-yellow with a large striking rose eyezone and a green throat.

Breeder - Alexander-Moody

$20.00 | Qty:
Ledgewood's Firecracker

Details : Ht 26" TET. SEv E-M, Re Bl 7"

Bold, bright and beautiful! Deep gold with a gigantic fiery red eye that covers 3/4 of the flower with a wide deep red ruffled border. A favourite.

Breeder - Abajian

$20.00 | Qty:
Linden Fantasy

Details : Ht 26" Tet. Ev. E-M Re. Fr. Bl 6"

A flesh pink with plum eye and edge surrounding a beautiful emphasized clear green throat. A beautiful bloom and just spectacular clumped. Limited stock, 1 per customer.

Breeder - M Waring (Aust) '06

$30.00 | Qty:
Merry Moppet

Details : 26" SEv. Tet. M Re. Bl. 3.5"

Bright yellow-gold with a bright bold red eye and edge. Blooms displayed on tall scapes for a smallish bloom. Great for a garden filler in the background of other plants. Limited stock.

Breeder - Salter E ' 02

$20.00 | Qty:
Mt. Top Experience

Details : Ht 29" Ev. Dip. E Re. Bl 7.5"

A spider variety. Green, yellow and rouge bi-colour petals with a large dark rouge chevron eye surrounding a large green throat.

Breeder - Temple 1988

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Muller Road Mauler

Details : Ht 26" TET Ev. E-M Re. Bl 6"

Large stunning creamy salmon with a maroon red eye and matching ruffled, bubbly hooked edge with gilted gold edges. Robust and vigorous. Limited stock.

Breeder - Edwards (Aust) 2005

$22.00 | Qty:
Mystical Rainbow

Details : 25" Dor. Tet. E-M. Bl. 5.5"

Round and ruffled pretty baby pink with a multi-coloured patterned eye. Another iamge of M.R in "M" of Daylilies.

Breeder - Stamile

   Out of Stock
Navajo Princess

Details : Ht 24" DIP. S.Ev. M-L. Bl 5"

A pale pink bloom with a large unique bold triangular rose eye above a dark green throat. Diamond dusted blooms that look soft and delicate. Distinctive.

Breeder - Hansen

$20.00 | Qty:
Neon Rainbow

Details : 30" SEv. Tet. E-M Re. Bl. 6"

Unusual form majolica yellow and lavender reverse bi-colour with a purple eye that surrounds a big triangular gold-green throat. Distinct blooms. Limited stock - 1 per customer.

Breeder - Joiner 95

$20.00 | Qty:
Open My Eyes

Details : 22" Ev. Tet. E Re. Bl 5.25"

Magnificent blooms of pale golden orange with a large bold black purple eye and wide matching edge. Spectacular in a clump. Outstanding. Limited stock - 1 per customer.

Breeder - Grace '02

$20.00 | Qty:
Orange City

Details : H 29 TET. M Re. Ev. 4

Bold colour upon bold colour! Bold orange with a huge crimson eye. A striking garden show-off. Limited stock - 1 per customer.

Breeder - D Trimmer 2008

$25.00 | Qty:
Ornamental Focus

Details : 25" Ev. Tet. E. Re. Bl. 7"

An attractive large creamy-pale yellow with a burgundy eye that sometimes spears out crimson right out to the ends of the petals. A favourite. Limited stock - 1 per customer.

Breeder - Stamile

$20.00 | Qty:
Paige's Pinata

Details : 26" SEv. Dip. E-M. Re. Bloom 6"

A gorgeous peach-pink creped bloom with a large rich fushia pink eye. Round, ruffled & softly fluted. The two combinations of such pretty colours makes this a favourite. Limited stock - 1 per customer. A different image in "P" section of Daylilies.

Breeder - Hansen

$20.00 | Qty:
Quenda's Rose Fairy

Details : Ht 23" DIP. EV. E-M Re. Bl 4.5"

Gorgeous ruffled lavender pink blooms with paler ruffled edges and a deep black burgundy chevron eye that surrouds a pale lime green throat. Small growing cultivar close to a miniature. Many blooms. They look like small fairies in flight. Multiplies well.

Breeder - Shelli Green 2013

$20.00 | Qty:
Rapid Eye Movement

Details : 30" Ev. Tet. E-M. Re. Bl. 7"

Unusual form and colours that deepen during seasons. Bright golden yellow with a large satin red eye. Dramatic, makes a real statement clumped. Another image in spider menu.

Breeder - Trimmer

$20.00 | Qty:
Raspberry Masquerade

Details : 26" SEv. Tet. E-M Re. Bl 5"

Lavender pink with a red eye and beautifully ruffled deep red edging on petals. Green throat. Limited Stock 1 per customer.

Breeder - Salter '02

   Out of Stock
Sabine Baur

Details : 25" SEv. Tet. E-M. Re. Hyb. Bloom 6"

A dramatic ivory cream bloom with a bold black-purple eye and a pronounced matching bubbly edge. Great parent for large eyes. Popular.

Breeder - Salter

$20.00 | Qty:
Screen Pattern

Details : Ht 26" TET. EV. E. Re. Bl 6"

Cream with a butterfly pattern multicolored eye above a green throat.

Breeder - Stamile 2006

$20.00 | Qty:
Sense Of Wonder

Details : Ht 24" TET. Ev. E Re. Bl 6"

Almond pink with a red eye and ruffled red edge. Deep green throat. Lovely form. Just beautiful!

Breeder - Trimmer 2005

$25.00 | Qty:
Shane Green - Exclusive to R.B.D & Irises.

Details : Ht 28" Ev. TET. E-M Re. Bl 5" Fragrant

Rich dusty rose-raspberry blooms with a dramatic black burgundy eye and matching edge. Blooms are rounded, ruffled with slight crepeing of great substance. Vigourous and hardy.

Breeder - Shelli Green '09

$25.00 | Qty:
Shelli's Green Glory - Exclusive to R.B.D & I.

Details : Ht 24" Dorm. TET. M-L Re. Bl 6.5"

Lavender pink with a huge centre of cream to lime green throat with a cream-gold ruffled edge. Spectacular. This was a seedling from top American Hybridiser "Guy Pierce" when he lived in Australia. Another image in "Shelli's Intro's".

Breeder - Shelli Green '09 (seed from Guy Pierce)

$50.00 | Qty:
Showtime (unreg)

Details : Ht 28" TET. Ev E-M - Bl 7"

A large delicate near white with a large pink eye & matching edge. Very pretty. Limited stock

Breeder - Nunan

$20.00 | Qty:
Simply Adorable

Details : Ht 24" TET. Ev. E-M Re. Bl 4"

A small flowering pink with raspberry eye & edges. Picotee petal edges of raspberry trimmed with hooks of white & gold. Rounded tidy blooms. Prolific.

Breeder - M. Geyer 2011 (Aust)

$20.00 | Qty:

Details : 37" Ev Tet. E-M Re Bl 8.5"

Saturated orchid pink blooms are marked with a dramatic purple eye and large deep grass green throat.

Breeder - Stamile '02

   Out of Stock

Details : 30" Ev. Dip. M-L. Re. Bloom 6"

Soft tangerine sherbert pink with a lovely big, round, deep rose-pink eye. Attractive.

Breeder - Talbott

$15.00 | Qty:
Strawberry Fields Forever

Details : Ht 26" TET. Ev. E-M Re. Bl 4."

A soft light pink with a strawberry-rose eye and matching wide picotee on a braided edge, above a green throat. Another image of S.F.F in "S" of Daylilies.

Breeder - Stamile

$20.00 | Qty:
Susan's Delphi

Details : 21" Ev. Tet. E. Re. Bl 4"

Peach with a rose pink eye and double edge of rose pink and gold. Very pretty.

Breeder - Carlyon Aust '04

$20.00 | Qty:
Swashbuckler Bay Boy

Details : 28" SEv. Tet. M. Re. Bl. 6"

Very dramatic bright salmon coral with a large triangular deep black eye and bold black edge. Throat is bright yellow green. Many blooms, well branched and vigorous.

Breeder - Salter

$20.00 | Qty:

Details : Ht 30" DIP. Dorm. E-E Bl 6.5"

Unique colouring of violet with a tone of grey and a purple eye. Lime green throat. Gorgeous. Another image clumped in "T" of Daylilies. Foliage is smallish and thin like that of a miniature.

Breeder - Childs 1982

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Two Part Harmony

Details : Ht 34" TET. Ev. E Re. Bl 4"

Straw yellow with a wine red eye and wine red saw-tooth picotee. Starts off as single then becomes double. Limited stock.

Breeder - Kaskel - Trimmer 1996

$20.00 | Qty:
Web Of Intrigue

Details : 28" Ev. Tet. E. Re. Bl. 6"

Light sherbert with a multi-patterned eye etched in lavender, purple, white and grey above a yellow-green throat. A favourite. Limited stock - 1 per customer.

Breeder - Stamile

   Out of Stock
Wild Child

Details : Ht 24 TET. Dorm M Re. Bl 6" Unusual Form

Coral at the petals which fold and quill into points and gold edge spoons and bunches at the petal points. Unusual Form. Limited stock - 1 per customer.

Breeder - Salter 2002

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