Beautiful Edgings

Details : Ht 30"DIP. Ev. M. Bl 7"

Large creamy triangular blooms that have rosey edges on the tips of the ruffled petals. Unusual and pretty! Limited stock - 1 per customer.

Breeder - Copenhaver

$20.00 | Qty:
Blue Eyed Butterfly

Details : 24" Tet. SEv. Re. Bl 5.5"

Delightful cream blooms with an exquisite eye pattern of lavender blue shades. Limited Stock - 1 per customer

Breeder - Lambertson '96

$20.00 | Qty:
Border Bride

Details : Ht 26"TET. SEv. E-M. Re. Bl 5

A near white with purple eye and picotee edge, above a green throat. Limited stock - 1 per customer.

Breeder - Stamile

   Out of Stock
Boundless Beauty

Details : Ht 28" TET. Ev. E Re. Bl 7.5"

Pastel white blend with a ruffled gold edge, hoops and ruffles and a green throat. Limited stock - 1 per customer.

Breeder - Stamile 2006

$25.00 | Qty:
Bumble Bee Boogie

Details : 30" Ev. Tet. M-L Re. Bl 6.5"

Pastel peach pink & cream polychrome. Tiny ruffled edges, consistently double.

Breeder - Kirchhoff '99

$20.00 | Qty:
Canadian Border Patrol

Details : Ht 28" TET. Sv. E-M Re. Bl 6"

Cream with purple eye zone and green throat, edged lightly with purple. Limited stock - 1 per customer/

Breeder - Salter 1995

   Out of Stock
Celestial Eyes

Details : Ht 24" TET SEv. E-M Re Bl 6"

Cream peach with a slate blue - violet eye and edge. Lime throat. Exotic form. Limited stock - 1 per customer.

Breeder - Lambertson- 2000

   Out of Stock
Champagne Elegance

Details : 29" Ev. Dip Re. Bl 6.25"

Beautifully formed wide ruffled cream, near white with a tiny green throat.

Breeder - Brown '92

$20.00 | Qty:
Christening Spirit

Details : Ht 30" DIP Ev. E-M Re. Bl 8"

A delicate light peach color with a darker peach eye. The throat is very green. Unusual Form

Breeder - Payne 1998

$25.00 | Qty:
Deanna's Gift

Details : 20" Ev. Tet. E-M. Bloom 6"

A peach yellow bloom with a pink blush, white midribs and wire gold edges. A beautiful, rounded daylily with large ruffles. Fertile. Limited stock - 1 per customer.

Breeder - Petit

$20.00 | Qty:
Edge of Heaven

Details : 28" SEv. Tet. M. Re. Bl. 6.5"

Pale ivory cream with some diamond dusting and pink highlights. Ruffled gold border with heavy substance. A beautiful bloom. Limited stock - 1 per customer.

Breeder - Salter

   Out of Stock
Elizabeth Hay

Details : 26" Ev. Tet. E - M Re. Bl 5"

A cream yellow with a dark burgundy eye and 1/4" burgundy edge. Many blooms. Flowers continuously over a long period. Limited stock 1 per customer. Another image in "Eyed & Fancy"

Breeder - Holton (Aust)

   Out of Stock
Eloquent Silence

Details : 28" Ev. Tet. M. Re. Bloom 6"

Large ivory-cream with a green throat.

Breeder - Salter

$15.00 | Qty:
Enchanted Rainbow

Details : 24" SEv. Tet. E-M Re. Bl 5.5"

A pretty cream yellow with multiple eye colours of lavender, purple and charcoal. Ruffled gold edge.

Breeder - Stamile '97

   Out of Stock
Eyed Radiance

Details : 24" Ev Dip M Re. Bl 5.5"

Ruffled pastel creamy-peach with a large striking red eyezone. Lovely.

Breeder - Carpenter '89

$20.00 | Qty:
Flower Pavilion

Details : 28" Ev. Dip. L. Re. Bl. 6"

Large beautiful persimmon-tangerine.

Breeder - Kirchhoff

$20.00 | Qty:
Forbidden City

Details : 22" Ev. Dip. E. Re. Bl. 5"

Pretty pastel pink-peach and flesh blended double with a green throat. Limited stock

Breeder - Kirchhoff

   Out of Stock
Frequent Comment

Details : Ht 23" Tet Ev. M Re. Bl 5.5"

Gorgeous blooms of pastel shades of cream peach with a pink/peach blush on petal corners with pale yellow ruffled edges. Yellow lime throat. Rounded open lovely form.

Breeder - Rice 1998

$20.00 | Qty:
Gerda Brooker

Details : 30" Ev. Tet. E. Re. Bl. 7"

A uniquely formed and patterned subtle pink cream with a pure lavender etched in eye. Limited supplies - 1 per customer.

Breeder - Morss '98

   Out of Stock
Green Mystique

Details : 27" Ev. Tet. E-M Re. Bl 5.75"

Cream with pink tones and a green wash. Green throat. Good heavy substance with extravagant ruffling.

Breeder - Stamile '02

$25.00 | Qty:
Helena Seabird

Details : 24" Ev. Tet. E-M-L Re. Bl 6"

Beautifully formed, ruffled pale cream blooms of great substance. Green throat. Fertile both ways. Proliferations.

Breeder - Nunan 2003 (Aust)

   Out of Stock
Hidden Masquerade

Details : Ht 25" TET. Ev. E. Re. Bl 6"

Cream white bloom with a bold grape purple eye and edge above a small green throat. Limited stock.

Breeder - Wemyss (Aust)

   Out of Stock
Huckleberry Candy

Details : 20" Dor. Tet. E-M Re. Bl 4.25"

Limited stock 1 per customer. Lovely rounded, ruffled blooms of cream with a bluish eye. Limited stock - 1 per customer.

Breeder - Stamile '99

$20.00 | Qty:
Jan's Twister

Details : Ht 28" DIP. Ev. E-M Re. Bl 11.5"

Huge twisted creamy peach spider blooms.

Breeder - Joiner 1991

   Out of Stock
Junie Ren Memorial

Details : 28" Ev. Dip. E-M. Re. Bl. 7"

Peach with pink tonings. Large open double with many blooms. Fragrant. Limited stock

Breeder - Mead (Aust)

$20.00 | Qty:
Just Divine

Details : Ht 26" TET. Mid Re. Bl 6"

Large rounded cream blooms of great substance. Gathered and pleated large ruffled edges.

Breeder - S Green

$25.00 | Qty:
Lace Cookies

Details : 30" Ev. Tet. E. Re. Bloom 5"

Heavy substanced pale cream with sometimes a hint of pink, Gold braid surrounds the petals. Limited stock - 1 per customer.

Breeder - Kaskel

   Out of Stock
Linden Capricious

Details : Ht 25" TET. Ev. E-M Re. Bl 6

Pale caramel pink with wine mauve eye and edge trimmed cream above yellow gold to green heart throat. A good parent for fancy edges. Limited stock - 1 per customer.

Breeder - M. Waring 2007

   Out of Stock
Lucky Pierre

Details : 24" Dip. SEv. E-M. Bl 3.5"

Samll blooms of cream pastel petals shows off the dark purple eye. Sorry no stock available

Breeder - Trimmer '00

   Out of Stock
Macho Macho Man

Details : 26" SEv. Tet. E-M Re Bl. 7"

A very large heavy substanced cream yellow with a green throat and heavily ruffled petal edges.

Breeder - Salter

$20.00 | Qty:
Magical Mystery Show

Details : Ht 23" TET. Ev. E. Re. Bl 5.5"

Cream with a huge wine eye above a green throat. Limited stock.

Breeder - Stamile 2008

   Out of Stock
Maleny Debutante

Details : 26" Ev. Dip. M. Re. Bl. 4"

Not a miniature but a small flowering daylily. Clear pastel peach with a bright rose-red eye and green throat. Full, round and ruffled. Vigorous.

Breeder - Alexander (Aust)

$20.00 | Qty:
Merrymakers Serenade

Details : 22" Ev. Dip. M Re. Bl. 3"

Ivory-cream with a pronounced circular bold red eye and a deep green throat. Full form and vigorous.

Breeder - Salter

$15.00 | Qty:
Missouri Memories

Details : 26" Ev. Dip M-L Re. Bl 6"

A feminine diamond dusted bloom of pale cream orchid with a pink-lavender band, lime green throat. Lovely soft ruffling.

Breeder - Hansen Ra '95

$15.00 | Qty:
Moonlit Masquerade

Details : 26" SEv. Tet. E-M Re. Bl 5.5"

An ivory cream with a very dramatic dark purple-black eye and picotee. Long bloomer and vigorous. Limited stock - 1 per customer.

Breeder - Salter

$20.00 | Qty:
Quenda's Pastel Lady - New 2014

Details : Ht 27" TET. Ev. Re Bl 6"

Lovely pastel creamy-peach with a faint pink eye surrounds a lime throat. Diamond dusted and scented.

Breeder - S Green - unreg

   Out of Stock
Rebecca Jayne

Details : 24" Ev. Dip. E-M. Re. Bl. 5.5"

Gorgeous cream pink double with a dark rose pink eyezone. A delicate refinement. This colour combination is rare in doubles. Limited Stock - 1 per customer.

Breeder - Mead (Aust)

   Out of Stock
Ruffled Magic

Details : 25" SEv. Dip. E - M. Bloom 5.25"

A clear pastel yellow with a hint of pink blush. Green throat. Looping ruffles on the petal edges. Vigorous and hardy. Limited stock 1 per customer.

Breeder - Brown

$20.00 | Qty:
Sherry Lane Carr

Details : Ht 25"TET. Ev. E-M Re. Bl 6"

A large cream yellow rimmed with a thick gold fringe edge. Green throat. High bud count. Limited stock - 1 per customer.

Breeder - Carr '96

$20.00 | Qty:
Slade Brown

Details : 23" Ev. Dip E. RE. Bl 9"

Large ruffled chartreuse self with a green heart.

Breeder - Brown

   Out of Stock
Solid Geometry

Details : 23" Ev. Tet. E-M. Bl. 5"

A gorgeous consistently full-formed apricot ruffled double of great substance.

Breeder - Kaskel

$20.00 | Qty:
Spacecoast Cream Supreme

Details : 26" SEv. Tet. E-M Re. Bl 6"

Near white to cream with heavy ruffling and thick substance. Gorgeous ruffles. A quality daylily.

Breeder - Kinnebrew '02

$22.00 | Qty:
Spectral Elegance

Details : Ht 23" TET. Ev. Re. Bl 6.5"

Large extravagantly ruffled pastel blooms with a pink overlay. Excellent substance. Opens early and easily.

Breeder - Stamile 2004

$20.00 | Qty:
Strawberry Lace

Details : 28" SEv. Tet. M-L. Re. Bl 6"

Cream with a rose-red eyesone and ruffled rose edge.

Breeder - Salter

$15.00 | Qty:
Sweet Home Alabama

Details : 26" Ev. Tet. E-M Re. Bl 7"

Pretty blooms of peach with rose eye and green throat. Ruffled and rounded. Limited stock - 1 per customer.

Breeder - Stamile '99

   Out of Stock
Sweet Love of Heaven

Details : 21" Ev. Tet. M Re. Bl 5.5"

Satiny peach blooms with a small grey lavender halo. Charcoal lavender double edge. Limited stock.

Breeder - Grace '00

$15.00 | Qty:
Verdant Spring

Details : Ht 25" TET. Ev. E Re. Bl 6.5"

Huge green throat extending out to 60% of the bloom with the remainder of petals in greenish pink. Ruffled green edging. Limited stock.

Breeder - Stamile 2007

   Out of Stock
Victorian Lace

Details : 28" Ev. Tet. E- M. Re. Bl. 6.75"

Huge cream pale pearl pink with large ruffles. Heavy substance and of full form. Superb. A favourite.

Breeder - Stamile

   Out of Stock
Victoria's Secret

Details : 28" SEv. Tet. M-L. Bl 5.5"

A cream-pink with a distinct gold edge and a lime-green throat. Limited stock - 1 per customer.

Breeder - Salter

$30.00 | Qty:
Wedding Band

Details : Ht 26" TET. Ev. M. Re. Bl 5"

Lovely blooms of ivory white with wide petals that have a picotee edge. Limited stock

Breeder - Stamile '88

   Out of Stock
Wisest Of Wizards

Details : Ht 26" TET.SEv. E-M. Re. Bl 5.

An ivory-peach with a pale rose eye. Petal edges are heavily beaded in gold-peachy pink

Breeder - Salter

$15.00 | Qty:
Witch Stitchery

Details : Ht 26" TET. SEv. E. Re,Bl. 5.

Cream with an eye pattern of lavender edged purple which extends from the green throat onto the petals. Attractive.

Breeder - Morss

$20.00 | Qty: