Banned In Boston

Details : Ht 26" TET. Dor. M. Re. Bl.4 - 5"

Petals are rose with cream ruffled edges & the sepals are cream with a pink blush.A miniature variety and goes dormant in winter.

Breeder - Simpson

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Florida Snow Angel

Details : Ht 26" TET Ev. Bl 5.1/5"

A bitoned cultivar with pink blushing and gold edging compimented by a small green throat. Lovely. Limited stock - 1 per customer.

Breeder - Hugh 2005

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Mountain Top Experience

Details : Ht 29" Ev. Dip. E Re. Bl 7.5"

Green, yellow and rouge bi-colour petals with a large dark rouge chevron eye surrounding a large green throat. Stunning. Limited supplies - 1 per customer.

Breeder - Temple 1988

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Ocean Rain

Details : 26" SEv. Tet. E-M. Re. Bloom 6"

Large blooms of lavender orchid pink. Limited stock.

Breeder - Hansen

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Party Pinafore

Details : Ht"20" Dip. Dprm. E-M Re. Bl 5"

A beautiful bicolor unlike any other! A unique rose flower with a light pink to near white edge and light cream pink sepals. The throat is chartreuse. Limited supplies - 1 per customer.

Breeder - Kirby

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Toy Circus

Details : 20" Ev. Dip M- Re. Bl 3.25"

A bi-toned creped Rose red petals with cream apricot yellow sepals. Light yellow throat.

Breeder - Mederer '82

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