Butterfly of Love - L.Iris

Details : 36" M

Standards are french lilac, and falls are french lilac with a large white area around the yellow signals.

Breeder - Dunn

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Enchanter -TB

Details : 93cm E-M

Low on stock, sorry unavailable for 2016. Pastel,lilac, mauve stds, falls are the same with a large purple wash around the hafts. Tangerine Beards. Very ruffled and lacy. Great grower with great form, quality.

Breeder - Blyth '03 (Aust)

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Fashion Statement -TB

Details : E-M 90 cm

Lovely large ruffled lilac blooms. High bud count, vigorous and hardy. Limited Stock - 1 per customer.

Breeder - Gatty 1997

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Gunner - L.Iris

Details : 110cm M

Nicely fluted and ruffled violet blooms with yellow signals. A favourite. Limited stock.

Breeder - Taylor '02(Aust)

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Lilac Lustre Cluster - L.Iris

Details : Ht 38" (96cm) M-L Bl 6" 7-way br, 12 blms per scap

Lilac mauve toned pink blooms with striking yellow green signals. Style arms - green with lilac tips. Some blooms have irregular white markings. Blooms over a long period of time. Up to 7 way branching

Breeder - Shelli Green (Aust) '09

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Mountain Violet - TB

Details : E-M 36" Re.

Pastel violet ot white stds. Falls are deeper violet. Vivid tanerine beards. Huge ruffled and fluted blooms. Limited stock.

Breeder - Hamner '85 USA

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Olympic Odyssey -TB

Details : 90cm M

White stds with pale lilac stitching on edges. White falls with a lacy deeper lilac edge. Blue beards. Lacy and ruffled blooms. A Heavy bloomer and a great grower.

Breeder - Mary Dunn '99 USA

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Reality - TB

Details : M-L 90cm

Rosy mauve with an electric violet blaze and deep orange beards. Slow grower here. Limited Stock.

Breeder - Ghio '95

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Serene Sea -TB

Details : E-M 34"

Low on stock. Magnificent blue violet to mid blue. Violet blue beards. Ruffled, full and wide. Rebloomer.

Breeder - Blyth (Aust) '92

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Stylist -TB

Details : M 34"

Low on stock, sorry unavailable for 2015. Bright lilac with a slight silvery lilac sheen blending down over the falls. Bright lemon beards. Lightly ruffled.

Breeder - Blyth (Aust) '96

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Watch For It - L.Iris

Details : 35" E - M

Standards are a soft pink-violet with a darker centre line. Styles are a darker pink-violet. Falls are pink violet with a lighter rim and yellow signals. Limited stock 1 per customer.

Breeder - Taylor (Aust)

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