All Agaze - L.Iris

Details : 48" E - M

Ruffled light pink and salmon pink bitone. Well branched scapes carry many blooms. Vigorous and colourful.

Breeder - Taylor (Aust)

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Ann Hordern- L.Iris

Details : 38" M - L

Tightly ruffled lemon flushed blooms with pink and darker veining. Lemon style arms. The entire bloom changes to more pink on the second day. Very ruffled.

Breeder - H. Pryor (Aust)

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Aunt Shirley - L.Iris

Details : 32" M

Huge blooms of coral rose-pink bitone with medium yellow signals. Vigorous.

Breeder - Mertzweiller

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Brazen Beauty - TB

Details : M 90cm

Ivory white with raspberry pink plicata edging. Brick red beards. Laced and ruffled. Limited stock.

Breeder - Meek '94

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Dancing Again - L. Iris

Details : 52" M - L

A good quality ruffled pink bitone bloom thought by many to be the nicest pink Louisiana Iris around.

Breeder - Taylor (Aust)

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Dancing In Pink -TB

Details : Ht 89 cm E-M

Good quality light pink. Red beards tipped pink. Limited stock - 1 per customer.

Breeder - Grovenor '03 (Aust)

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Dancing Vogue - L.Iris

Details : 43" M

Clear rich mid pink with yellow signals. The large flowers are ruffled and waved. Super quality again.

Breeder - Taylor (Aust)

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Debrenee -TB

Details : E-M 95cm - 38"

Lavender pink standards, darker violet pink falls and beards. Limited stock - 1 per customer.

Breeder - Maryott '95

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Eastman Winds - L,Iris

Details : 76cm M-L

Deep fuschia-pink blooms with all petals covered with fine veining. An unusual green-yellow "steeple star" signal pattern adds impact. Gorgeous.

Breeder - B. Pryor

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Gerry Marstella - L.Iris

Details : 32" M - L

Light pink with cream edging. The lower half of all the petals have a deeper blushed pink shade to them. Lovely.

Breeder - Raabe (Aust)

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Girl's Favourite - TB

Details : E-M-L 85cm

Low on stock - 1 per customer. Mid pink with coral pink beards. Sweet fragrant.

Breeder - Blyth '95

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Ibiza -TB

Details : E - M 90cm

Bright crimson pink standards. Falls deeper crimson raspberry with lighter edges. Vigorous and hardy. A real standout - makes a dramatic clump. Vigorous and hardy. Limited stock - 1 per customer.

Breeder - Nilsen '95

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La Stupenda - L.Iris

Details : 96 cm M-L

Rose pink standards and falls with darker rose borders and a lime green centre wash. Gorgeous.

Breeder - H. Pryor 1996 (Aust)

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Letter From Paris - TB

Details : M-L 36"

Low on stock- 1 per customer. A beautiful mid to light pink with a slightly light pink on falls. Tangerine on pink beards. Ruffled.

Breeder - Blyth '07

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Mallow Dramatic -TB

Details : M 92 cm - 36"

Glowing pink-orchid or mallow pink standards. Falls are paler hazed blue-pink with white bibs around the pinkish orange beards. Wide, ruffled and full blooms. A lovely coloured iris. Limited stock - 1 per customer.

Breeder - Gatty (U.S.A) '96

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Mischief Maker - L.Iris

Details : 32" E - M

Lovely soft pink blooms with white rim, darker pinker veining. Lime-green signals with darker pink surround. Softest lemon style arms.

Breeder - B. Pryor (Aust)

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Natural Wonder - L.Iris

Details : 51" M

Gorgeous large dusky pink blooms with darker veining and a yellow star centre. Fluted petals are wide and full. Unique colour. Limited stock.

Breeder - Taylor (Aust)

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Nigerian Raspberry - TB

Details : M 36" - 91cm

Raspberry cream ground with red and purple splashes. Tangerine beards. Unique.

Breeder - Kasperek '94

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Perfect Gift -TB

Details : Ht 85cm

Gorgeous pastel pink with pink beards. Nicely branched and budded. Quality. Limited stock - 1 per customer.

Breeder - Keppel '96

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Pink Champagne - TB

Details : E 36" Re.

Ruffled azalea pink self with mandarin orange beards. Sweet fragrance. Vigorous.

Breeder - Lauer '01 USA

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Prix De Elegance - L.Iris

Details : 35" E - M

A lovely soft rose-pink self with a cream rim and reverse. Style arms are also rose pink. Ruffled and lovely.

Breeder - H. Pryor (Aust)

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Smoke Rings -TB

Details : M 95 cm - 37"

Large ruffled cream blooms with smoky mauve plicata on standards and on edges of falls. Yellow beards. Tall and vigorous. Limited stock.

Breeder - Gibson '71

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Triple Crown - TB

Details : M 32"

Laced and ruffled pale pink with a lighter area around deep tangerine beards. Limited Stock,

Breeder - Dyer '81 USA

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Watch Out - L.Iris

Details : Ht 30" E-M

Magenta Pink with a rich yellow signal. Pale edges in near white. Limited Stock 1 per customer.

Breeder - Taylor 1988

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