Distant Music - L.Iris

Details : 112cm E-M

Lovely rosy-lavender standards and darker falls show off this ruffled cultivar to perfection. One of my favourites

Breeder - J. Hutchinson 2007

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Janie Meek -TB

Details : M 81cm

Low on stock - 1 per customer. Lovely large, feminine ruffled blooms of pastel pink standards, with orchid lavender falls. Red beards. Fragrant. A rebloomer.

Breeder - Meek '87 U.S.A

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Lavender Park - TB

Details : E-M 96cm

Stds are pale lavender with a darker midrib. Falls are dark lavender with lighter edges. Pale yellow beards. Ruffled. A good grower. Limited stock.

Breeder - Grosvenor '99 Aust

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Lilac And Lace - New Release 2015

Details : Early - Mid. Ht 102cm / 40". Bl 6"

NEW Release for 2014 - Exclusive to Rainbow Daylilies & Irises only. Lovely ruffled lilac falls and paler lilac ruffled standards. Yellow signals. A Vigorous and showy grower.

Breeder - S Green

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Make Believe World - L.Iris

Details : 35" M

Lovely ruffled bitoned lilac lavender blooms with green and ivory styles. Falls are white with a lilac-lavender wash.

Breeder - Dunn

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Now And Forever - L.Iris

Details : 35" M

A delicate soft lavender bloom with each petal featuring a white rim. The style arms are a soft apple green. Delightful. Limited stock.

Breeder - H. Pryor (Aust)

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Spring Image - TB

Details : M-L 80cm

Low on stock, sorry unavailable for 2013. Laced orchid bitone. White beards. Ruffled and flared. Slow grower here.

Breeder - Hager '88

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Street Walker -TB

Details : M-L 86cm / 34"

Striking colour combination of orchid standards with deeper veining. Grape (purplish-black) falls edged in orchid- white. Gold beards. Limited stock - 1 per customer.

Breeder - Meek '84

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Timescape - TB

Details : M 105cm

Stds -lavender-white with darker orchid-lavender fall centre and midrib. Heavily ruffled. Limited stock.

Breeder - Hager '90

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