Living Free -TB

Details : V.VE - M 36"

Huge blooms with standards of pinkish peach. Falls are darker with a light rose overlay. Startling tangerine beards.

Breeder - Blyth '99 Aust

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Marriage Vows - TB

Details : 95cm M-L

Light pink stds with large white ruffled edges. White falls with cream lacy edges. pinky orange Beards. A lovely ruffled bloom. A good grower. Limited stock.

Breeder - Ghio '87

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Pamela Cameron - L.Iris

Details : 40" M - L

Standards are soft lemon washed maroon-red. Falls are red washed yellow with deeper red veining and yellow splash signal. Lightly ruffled. Limited stock.

Breeder - H. Pryor (Aust)

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Real Easy - L.Iris

Details : 40" M - L

Ruffled elegant blooms with white standards, yellow falls with orange-yellow signals and yellow styles. Fluted, recurved and very ruffled. Semi erect standards. Limited stock.

Breeder - Taylor (Aust)

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Vanilla Kisses -TB

Details : M 36"

Cream standards with a slightly deeper midrib. Falls are creamy white with hafts slightly deeper. Mustard yellow beards. Wide, fluted and ruffled giving a greenish cream effect. Gorgeous. Limited stock - 1 per customer.

Breeder - Blyth (Aust) '97

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