Act of Kindness -TB

Details : 86cm E-M

Gorgeous apricot, orange, orchid and rose-pink blends. Beautiful, wide and ruffled blooms. A vigorous and hardy grower. Limited stock - 1 per customer.

Breeder - Ghio '00

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All That Jazz

Details : Mid 36"

Bright yellow standards and red falls. Yellow beard. Reblooms! Vibrant. An oldie but hardy and a goodie. Large ruffled blooms. Limited stock - 1 per customer.

Breeder - Denney 1981

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Charge D Affair - L.Iris

Details : 36" M

Light plum standards with a lightly serrated edge. Falls are a velvety deeper plum with a lighter edge. Lovely.

Breeder - ?

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Chinese New Year - TB

Details : Ht 36" Mid-season

Low on stock, sorry unavailable for 2013. Pinkish golden tan standards, deep red-wine falls. Tangerine-orange beards.

Breeder - Ghio 1997

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Colorific - L.Iris

Details : 36" M

White standards and reddish purple falls. I love the contrast this one gives.

Breeder - Mertzweiller

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Decadence - TB

Details : M 38"

A heavily laced and ruffled bloom. Golden apricot stds. Falls are light plum burgundy with a creamy apricot ruffled edge. Tangerine beards. Limited stock.

Breeder - Blyth '04 Aust

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Dinner Talk - TB

Details : M 40"

Pale pastel lavender stds, deeper at midribs. Falls are rich red violet. Light burnt tangerine beards. A vigorous grower. Limited stock - 1 per customer.

Breeder - Blyth '05 Aust

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Heathor Pryor - L,Iris

Details : 51" M - L

The cream standards are blushed pink on petal edges. Pink falls bare yellow signals. Apple green style arms give a feminine touch. Pretty with many blooms.

Breeder - Taylor (Aust)

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High Master - TB

Details : Blyth '00 Aust

Low on stock, sorry unavailable for 2015. Great colour combination of lemon flushed rose stds. Falls are rose-magenta with 1/8" lemon edge. Lemon bibs. Bright yellow-orange beards. Wide, full and very ruffled.

Breeder - Blyth '00 Aust

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Honey Star - L.Iris (smaller variety)

Details : 35" M

Soft bitone blends of honey cream sepals and apricot-buff petals with wine veining.

Breeder - Hutchinson (Aust)

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Ken Ware - TB

Details :

Yellow stds. Falls are red-brown with a white thumb print near beard.

Breeder -

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Marble Cake - L.Iris

Details : 55" E - M

Very large bitoned flowers of cream, heavily marbled irregularly in pink, purple, and dark purple. Limited stock.

Breeder - Taylor (Aust)

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Margaret Lee - L.Iris.

Details : 47" M - L

A bitone of pink magenta. Sometimes petals are marbled. Loads of ruffles.

Breeder - Taylor (Aust)

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Miss Gertie's Bonnet - L.Iris (small variety)

Details : 40" M

Dainty bitoned blooms. Standards are cream edged lavender and veined brown. Stylearms are dark lavender tipped lavender-cream. Falls are light lavender edged dark lavender and veined brown. Gold steeple signals outlined in brown. Nicely ruffled.

Breeder - Haymon

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Moroccan Magic - TB

Details : 90cm E-M

Peach Stds with rose infusion midribs, falls burgundy black with pale pink peach wire edging. Tangerine beards.

Breeder - Blyth '04

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Noble Dragon -TB

Details : 95cm M-L

Standards are a rich apricot with flushed rose midrib. Falls - rich deep rosy-terracotta with creamy white hafts. Brilliant tangerine beards. Huge wide ruffled blooms, a good grower. Limited Stock.

Breeder - Blyth '03 (Aust)

   Out of Stock
Peaches In Wine - L.Iris

Details : 35" E.

Peaches in Wine won the 1996 Mary Swords Debaillon Award. Standards are peach and the falls are deep red with a peach reverse and a lime-yellow signals. Gorgeous colour combination. Vigorous grower. A favourite.

Breeder - H. Pryor (Aust)

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Persian Flyer-TB

Details : M 70cm

Stds are cream lemon with some violet dashing. The falls are white edged and dotted methyl-violet with olive brown hafts and orange yellow beards. Ruffled blooms.

Breeder - Grosvenor '96 (Aust)

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Romantic Gentleman - TB

Details : Ht 40" E-M

Heavily ruffled violet self. Standards light rose burgundy; falls plush deeper rose burgundy, 3/8" lighter blended edge. Beards soft muted tangerine. Limited stock - 1 per customer.

Breeder - Blyth 2003 (Aust)

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Ruban Bleu-TB

Details : M-L 78cm - 33"

Low on stock, sorry unavailable for 2013. Standards are pure white and falls are blue with a large radiating white heart. Orange beards. Startling.

Breeder - Cayeux '97 France

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Smoke and Thunder -TB

Details : 95cm

A bi-colour bloom with a blend of honey, grey with a violet infusiion at midribs. Red violet falls with champagne edges. Burnt tangerine beards. Ruffled, wide full blooms. Quality.

Breeder - Blyth '06 (Aust)

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Storm Bringer - TB

Details : M-L 32"

Stds are deep velvety blue. Falls are deep velvety blue-black. Limited stock - 1 per customer.

Breeder - Marjorie Harding '87

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Sweet Charm - TB

Details : M-L 117cm

Yellow stds, blended falls of mauve, magenta and tan. Honey tan beards. Lovely. Limited stock.

Breeder - Grosvenor '98 Aust

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Tennessee Gentleman -TB

Details : M - L 36"

Lemon buff standards and falls have 3/8" purplish rose stitching on edges. Light yellow orange beards. Wide and waved. A rebloomer. Limited stock - 1 per customer.

Breeder - Innerst '91 U.S.A

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Unique Style - L.Iris

Details : 105cm M

Pink falls. Lemon standards that are edged in pink and ruffled. Style arms are a highly frilled lemon. Gorgeous! Limited stock.

Breeder - H. Pryor (Aust)

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Victorious Voyager - TB

Details : Mid Ht: 38"

Yellow gold standards, lavender pink falls with ruffled yellow edging. Golden orange beards. A strong grower.

Breeder -

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Wild Prospect - L.Iris

Details : 56" E

Light yellow standards and styles. Falls are lemon, heavily veined and suffused rose-purple. Flowers are variable - often with 4 floral parts.

Breeder - Taylor (Aust)

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