Details : Ev.Ht.50-60cm.Umbels produce 20-30 flowers

Orange clivias from orange x cream yellow strains. Postage for Clivias is $20 Please email me your order so I can adjust postage costs.

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Clivia - cream yellow

Details : Evergreen cream yellow

Quality creamy yellow Clivia's. Nice rounded umbuls. Mature flowering size plants. Limited stock. Please contact me about postage costs for Clivias as it is a little more due to plants taking up more space.

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Clivia Seeds (A Touch of Blush X A Touch of Blush)

Details : Varigated, 2 stems per plant, 30 florets per umbel

5 seeds from an amazing cultivar - Each plant produces 2 stems, each stem produces up to 30 florets. Florets are recurred and large of pastel peach with pink blushing. Fragrant. Foliage is strongly variegated. Available August 2018 First time for sale.

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Crytanthiflora clivia seeds

Details : colour varies to pale to darker orange/red florets

20 crytanthiflora clivia seeds - selfed. The off spring to these will be the colour you see here in this picture to darker shades. Colour of florets varies to pale pastel peach to darker orange/reds with paler tips

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